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E-Bike Cycling Classes

ONLY £15 PER SESSION       inclusive of e-bike

Meeting Point

Harbourside One Car Park Labrador Dr, Poole BH15 1UX, UK


Monday - Sunday: 

Summer Times   17h00 to 19h00 Winter     Times  13h00 to 15h00

Fitness benefits of e-bikes

While e-bikes have been shown to provide fewer fat-burning benefits per mile than unpowered bikes (research published in the journal of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise estimates you can burn an average of 500 calories in 60 minutes on a regular bike, compared to 390 calories on an e-bike), studies have shown that e-bike users tend to end up with similar overall levels of physical activity because e-bike riders travel longer distances on average.

If you’re looking to get fitter, or are new to cycling, Creswick says that riding an e-bike can encourage you to cycle more regularly and for longer, so you can build up your fitness while building yourself-confidence on the bike at the same time. But will an e-bike be a waste of money for already-fit cyclists? Absolutely not, says Thomson, who argues the common myth that e-bikes don’t provide the rider with a workout is simply not true because it’s down to the rider to decide how much – or how little – assistance they use.

Mental health benefits of riding an e-bike

Mental health has become an important topic in recent years due to the increased number of people who suffer from mental health problems. Recent studies have shown a third of adults and young people said their mental health has got much worse since March 2020. There are many aspects of our lives that bad mental health can affect, so it’s vital we prioritise it in every way we can. A great way of boosting your mental health is by including any form of exercise in your daily routine. Along with walking, cycling is one of the best low-impact and mostly accessible ways of exercising that comes with many mood-boosting benefits.

Cycling helps to release endorphins, also known as ‘feel-good’ chemicals, in the body. When you complete any form of exercise such as cycling, this stimulates the release of endorphins through various mechanisms and can have a huge positive effect on your mood and emotions. When you’re cycling, especially at a moderate to high intensity, your body’s muscles are constantly working hard and asking for more oxygen. This increased demand can trigger your endorphins to help cope with the perceived stress on the body. Another way cycling can promote your endorphins to be released is by cycling through natural settings. The combination of fresh air, exposure to nature, and physical activity can enhance the release of endorphins.

Riding an eBike is also great for you mentally as it is a sociable activity. You can ride with your friends, family, and fellow cyclings you meet on your journey. This can encourage positive conversation and laughter, which is great for the mind. In time, the more you ride socially the more cycling adventures will stack up for you, which gives you plenty of memories to look back on with pride. 

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